Welcome to RSU Public TV’s ┬áinteractive In Search of Will Rogers website. Here you will find teaching resources, lesson plans and guides, interactive learning activities, printable handouts, quizzes, and much more!

This website serves two functions:

1. To provide teachers with easy access to our curriculum and teachers guides, all of which compliment the Emmy award-winning documentary, Will Rogers & American Politics. (See Lesson Plans Below)

2. To provide students additional learning opportunities, by offering additional online enrichment activities. (See “About Will”)


There are 6 lesson plans that go with the documentary “Will Rogers & American Politics”. Each lesson number corresponds to one of the six chapters found on the DVD. Within each of these lesson plans you will find all the teacher resources, learning objectives for the chapter, student handouts, chapter quiz, and the answer keys needed for each lesson. Additionally, the electronic versions of select lesson plans include web links to additional resources pertaining to the chapter. These lesson plans go along we the dvd and we strongly recommend that students watch the dvd before attempting the student handouts. However, if time or available resources do not allow, students or instructors may wish to view the short concept object videos found in each chapter of the “Student Area” on this website. These short videos will give students many of the highlights featured in the full documentary. Additionally, they will provide your students with the information needed to complete the student handouts. As an instructor, you may print these documents as needed and and make copies of the handouts for your students. To get started, simply click on a desired grade level below. NOTE: Adobe Reader is required to view and/or print the lesson plans.


In addition to the teacher’s area of our website, we have provided a separate areas for students to explore the life of Will Rogers even further. The student area is divided into the same six chapters as your teaching guides and includes a short video clip taken from each chapter of the documentary. Below this video, students can participate in an “Online Enrichment Activity” in which they will be challenged to complete various internet-related task. These task vary greatly, but include assignments such as researching a particular topic, short essays, taking a virtual tour, or creating a poster. This approach allows your students to learn the material in a way we feel is both engaging and beneficial to the retention of the learning objectives.

There is no login or password required to access the student area. However, most of the learning activities require students to submit assignments to their instructors via email, hand delivery, or US Postal service. You should direct your students in how they should submit assignments to you, based upon your particular situation and needs. Additionally, instructors should direct students to first watch the learning objective video clip, before attempting the interactive activities in any lesson, as this will greatly aide the student in successfully completing the assignment. Click Here To Go To The Student Area Now.



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